• Oro y diamante por primera tiempo en el mercado, con un precio beneficiando, negociable por el comprador.

    Pago aceptado L / C, BG.
    La expedición de la compañía a través PMMC

    Specifications: commodity: Gold bars
    Origin: Ghana (West Africa)
    Quantity: 250kg
    Type: au bars
    Purity. Finess: 94.6%
    Quality: 22+ carat bars
    Price: U$D 36 50o,00
    Trail order: 50 kg

    Procedure of transaction:
    Seller issue Full Cooperate Offer (FCO).
    Seller issues Draft contract to be amended.
    Buyer amends the contract and sends it back to the seller.
    Buyer seals and signs the contracts and email back to the seller.

    Whereas : Buyer agrees and warrants, under penalty of perjury, to Purchase Seller's GOLD BARS at an agreed price.
    Article 1 - Definitions
    The terms used herein shall have the following definitions.
    1. “Pre-Finance Purchase Funds means the “pre-finance” amount payable by Buyer to Seller to cover the cost of purchasing Gold from local miners in the Republic of Ghana.
    2. “Gold” means the minerals to be purchased in the Republic of Ghana for Exportation to Buyer, to be shipped to buyer country of destination.
    3. “Export” means the total amount of gold purchases collected by for all exportations. authenticate that the Gold bars will have a minimum fineness of 99.995% or better as per the assay certificate.
    Whereas , the Parties , companies, and their authorized representatives whose signatures appear herein, were all duly given full corporate authority by their respective company to enter into the present SPA, and have duly complied with all the legal formalities and requirements of laws of their respective countries for this type of SPA, and further agree to be bound by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris, and other internationally applicable commercial laws on matters related to contract dispute and resolution, and;
    Whereas , the Parties through their respective signatories hereby desire to enter into and execute the present SPA for Sale and Purchase of Gold Dory bars (hereinafter "Gold") based on specific description, terms and conditions as set forth below, and;
    Whereas, Seller , under full authority and responsibility, declares that he is the legal owner and has the clear and qualified right to sell the Gold at his free disposal in the form of Dore bars which it has legally acquired with funds not connected with illicit trading or other illicit activities and guarantees that he has the means to legally export the Gold from Ghana, and;
    Whereas, Buyer wishes to purchase Seller's Gold under the following terms and conditions.
    Now Therefore , in mutual consideration of the covenants of the Parties and the terms and conditions herein contained, the Parties agree as follows:
    Article 2 – Agreement Scope Seller, under full corporate responsibility and liability, represents that he has the clear and qualified right to sell the Unrefined Gold Bullion in Metal Form . Buyer, under full corporate authority and responsibility, represents that he has the full financial capability to purchase the Gold bars.
    Now, Therefore: In consideration of the promises and mutual covenants herein set forth, both Parties agree to the Terms and Conditions as follows:

    1. Commodity Specifitions & Quantity
    Commodity : Unrefined Alluvial Gold Dory Bars / Aurum Utalium (AU) (hereinafter "Gold")
    Form: 200-Kilogram Bars
    Origen: Ghana.
    Purity: 93% or better
    Fineness:22.5+ Carats or better
    Assay: 1. Final assay at the Buyer’s designated refinery Quantity as refined to 99.95% or better per the final Assay Report issued by refinery will be accepted and is final and binding on both Buyer and Seller
    Quatity: 1. 400 Kilograms Gold shall be traded at 6% discount.
    2. Therefore, this SPA shall be executed based on (6%) discount off LME 2nd fix; Duration: One (1) year with Rolls or Extensions up to additional Five (5) years Price: 2 ND day Fixing LME, LBMA on the day of shipmen
    Trade Circle 30 days shipment cycle
    Parking Metal Steel Lock Box
    Point of Shippment Ghana
    Mode of Transport Air Freight; Carrier. Emirate Airlines, KLM
    Destination: TBA.

    Article 4 – Pre-Finance Purchase Amount
    The Pre-finance Purchase Amount shall mean the total amount of funds payable by Buyer to Seller against every export, as per monthly quantity and agreed upon delivery schedule.

    Article 4 B Pre -Finance Fund
    The buyer shall transfer by swift wire the total Pre-finance amount into the sellers nominated Bank Accounts within 14 days of signing of this agreement.

    Article 5 – Seller ’s Declaration
    Seller declares and undertakes to cooperate in good faith that it has full title and is in position to buy clear the Import Customs duty and other VAT taxes applicable at destination.

    Article 7 – Procedures
    By signing this SPA Buyer and Seller accept its terms, conditions and below procedures:
    • Relevant documents/contracts (LOI, FCO, Rep/Agent Agreement, SPA) signed and ratified by principals.
    • Seller provides proof/evidence of performance.
    • Buyer provides bona fide proof of funds.
    • Payment structure arranged via Bank of Africa, Ghana or mutually agreed bank TBA; alternatively Buyer serves a minimum of 5 international-days’ notice to Seller for SWIFT of funds transfer for 1st tranche purchase.
    • Upon receipt of funds, Seller ships 1st tranche, as per agreed schedule, to Buyer’s nominated destination (Bullion Bank or refinery).
    • Buyer’s refinery issues final assay report to match Seller’s assay (to determine actual weight and purity of gold).
    • After issuance of Buyer’s Refinery Final Assay Report, Seller will draw down on the available funds for the purchase and delivery of subsequent tranches as per the shipment schedule, on a revolving basis.
    • Transfer of Ownership: The Ownership of the goods with assay report for Quality and Quantity as per agreement shall be transferred automatically from Seller to Buyer against payment.
    • Seller will proceed to the next shipment as per agreed upon shipping schedule after the funds draw down of the active lot has been effectuated. Also the seller will pay for shipment cost to the buyer’s destination.

    Article 8 - Delivery Terms
    • The delivery terms for this SPA shall be on CIF basis to Buyer’s appointed refinery.
    • Consignor shall be Seller.
    • Consignee shall be Buyer.
    The export taxes, export documentation, freight cost and other expenses during Export to Buyer’s destination shall be borne by Seller. Seller shall be responsible for all security and full insurance cover for total amount to be shipped (from port of shipment—Kotoka International Airport, Accra). Seller terminates responsibility of ownership upon delivery of gold to Airline Carrier. Twenty Four (24) working hours prior to shipment Seller shall provide Buyer with copies of all export documents by hand, e-mail or Fax, in return Buyer should acknowledge the receipt of the documents. Buyer shall.

    Article 9 - Payment Terms Payment in full of each contractually delivered quantity under the terms of this SPA shall be made before delivery via bank swift, as per agreed terms from:
    The Buyer’s banking coordinates is as follows:
    Bank Name:
    Bank Address:
    Account Name:
    Swift Code:
    Account No:
    Bank Officer: Bank Tel/Fax:
    The full payment will be done through inner-bank transfer if the Buyer does not have the appropriate accounts these accounts will be setup for the Seller in the Buyer’s Bank to maintain control of his allotment until payment is received at the following coordinates:
    The Seller’s banking coordinates is as follows:
    Bank Name:
    Bank Address:
    Account Name:
    Swift Code:
    Account No:
    Bank Officer:
    Ban Tel/Fax:
    The Actual total purchase price shall be calculated based on each refined kilo at Ninety Nine point Nine Hundred Ninety Five percent (99.995%) purity being paid at a discount of Three percent (6%) in United States Dollars to the LBMA Second Fixing on the day of the Buyer’s Refinery Final Assay Report. Buyer and seller hereby agree to adjust and amend payment funds to reflect market changes. Buyer commits to buy and pay Seller the total quantity and quality of AU delivered at 99.995% as certified by Buyer’s Refinery.

    Article 17 - Applicable law and Jurisdition Any dispute arising out of, or in context of this SPA, or related to any agreement concluded as a result of this SPA, shall be settled by Arbitration. The parties hereto hereby irrevocably agree to be governed by the laws of Ghana; thus, all disputes arising from the performance of this agreement shall be settled through amicable negotiation. Should no settlement be reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted for arbitration to the non-exclusive jurisdiction for arbitration and/or legal proceedings in Ghana for decision. This decision shall be final and binding on both parties. This agreement shall be governed by English Law.

    Article 18 - Joint Declaration Seller and Buyer each declare unto one another that the Gold offered herein for sale, and the origin of the funds used for purchasing the Gold, do not Contravene: The Drug Trafficking Offenses Act 1986, The Criminal Act 1988, the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1989, The Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990, 1993, and the Money Laundering Regulations 1993, or any other illegal or criminal activity. Accordingly each party to this agreement indemnifies each other against any such allegations which or may not be made in the future.

    Article 19 - Facsimile Copies and Communications This SPA shall be accepted to be legal and binding by both parties if executed and sent by fax and/or email direct to the parties concerned at the numbers contained within this Agreement.

    Article 20 - Ethics (Non - Circumvention and non - Disclosure ) Both Buyer and Seller shall acknowledge that the harm to the other party would be substantial and therefore Seller and Buyer agree to abide by the Customary International rules of non-circumvention and non-disclosure as established by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, France for a period of one (1) year from the date hereof. Said Non-circumvention and non-disclosure shall include, but not be limited to communicating with each other's banks, refiners, Representatives of Buyer dealing with Customs, brokers or Seller's mandate. The understanding and accord of this.

    El oro que se exportará tendrá un peso mínimo de 50Kgs. El mineral que se va a exportar se sellará en los locales del PMMC y en presencia de funcionarios de aduanas, representantes del PMMC y del agente. Después de sellar, el oro se mantendrá en la bóveda de PMMC en espera de la exportación.
    PMMC suministrará al agente certificados de ensayo para determinar la pureza del oro exportado.
    Todos los documentos de exportación del Banco de Ghana y de los Servicios de Aduanas, Impuestos y Aduanas (CEPS) serán completados por el Agente conjuntamente con PMMC (y el Banco del Agente si es necesario).
    El agente nombrará un transportista y proporcionará todos los detalles de vuelo pertinentes al PMMC 24 horas antes de la exportación.
    El transporte de oro se realizará desde los locales de PMMC acompañado por los representantes de los agentes al transportista.
    El costo del seguro y de la carga correrá por cuenta del agente.
    El agente se comprometerá a asegurar que el valor de exportación de los Dore Bars de oro que se exportan sea repatriado a Ghana de acuerdo con el Gold Fix de Londres (AM) el día en que se envía el Gold.
    Los fondos relacionados con todas las transacciones se transferirán a través de la cuenta en dólares de PMMC con el Banco de Ghana.
    El agente es responsable de organizar un mercado en el extranjero. Los contratos de comercialización a ser ejecutados por el agente estarán sujetos a la aprobación del Banco de Ghana o de la Comisión de Minerales.
    PMMC exportará el oro usando su licencia a la dirección dada por el agente. El agente incurrirá en una tarifa de no más del 0,5% del valor del oro para cada envío, pagadero antes o el día de la exportación a PMMC. Esto excluye las cargas de fundición y ensayo que están separadas.
    PMMC acuerda fundir y / o ensayar oro a petición del agente.

    Proveer de oro bares y necesitamos una garantía de los compradores del producto. Que es una garantía bancaria a nuestro banco de ayudarnos a entregar el oro a su banco comprador o refinería. (Western Europa, América del Norte o del Sur, o en Dubai sobre una base CIF a la por lo que podemos hacer esto a todos sus compradores del comprador).
    Necesitamos banco de instrumentos SBLC y esto se hace le suministramos el oro en MT bien. Podemos entregar 10 toneladas métricas hasta 100 toneladas métricas.

    Oferta de Sr. Michael C.